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The two foundations that support the activities of the Pointing Out Way — one for U.S. students, and the other for students elsewhere — are dedicated to the support and development of the Indo-Tibetan wisdom traditions of Bon and Buddhism. In addition to supporting the Pointing Out Way teaching mission, the foundations have also undertaken to rebuild and support the Bon and Buddhist communities in India and Tibet. Supporting the communities from which these traditions originated is the simple expression of our deep gratitude for these precious teachings.

Sustaining the Wisdom Traditions

The area of Nepal known as Mustang Valley, is a region of co-existence, tolerance and sharing of mystical wisdom between the great spiritual traditions of Bon, Buddhism and Hinduism in which these traditions have co-existed and flourished in this area for thousands of years, but these important spiritual traditions have come under peril in recent time.

His Holiness Menri Trizin and Geshe Sonam’s vision is to re-establish the vibrant Bonpo community that once flourished here in Mustang. With the help of the Pointing Out Way foundations, Geshe Sonam has established the Mustang Cultural Education Center (MCEC) to make this vision a reality. Bon culture and spiritual traditions must be re-built from the foundations, beginning with providing a cultural center for the community, then educating the children in their traditions, and finally creating the Bon religious and ritual support for Mustang Valley through building a Bon Monastery.

Supporting Mustang Valley Bon Traditions


Supporting Rahob Monastery in Kham, Tibet


Returning Blessings: Mustang Valley Children’s School


Supporting the translation of Sacred Texts